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303 Squadron: Brothers In Arms

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303 Squadron is not alone in the sky clashes over Great Britain. The 109th British Spitfire squadron is fighting the Messerschmitts nearby and is calling for help. They fight bravely, but their planes are badly damaged and their ammunition is running low. They need your help to survive. Fighting side by side, victory will be yours. What do you do?

However, this is not the end, because there are also more opponents in this add-on. In this expansion, you will find additional Bf 109s and deadly aces of the Luftwaffe. Try to face them by flying Spitfires during the campaign in this "special event".


  • 8 Aircraft models
  • 6 Luftwaffe Ace tokens
  • 1 Event card
  • 8 Plastic coasters
  • 8 Plastic Posts
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303 Squadron: Brothers In Arms

$21.99 USD
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