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CUTTHROAT CAVERNS ™ Anniversary Edition: Base Game

$74.99 USD

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The updated and revised version of our award-winning, infamous game of backstabbing goodness.
Without Teamwork, Youʼll Never Survive.
Without Betrayal, Youʼll Never Win!

 From publisher-

Cutthroat Caverns, one of our most critically acclaimed titles, is a devious, semi-cooperative, emotionally-charged game of betrayal and “kill stealing” in a classic fantasy setting, where you decide how hard or light to strike to assure you land the killing blow. But mess with each other too much and the whole party will die, without a winner.

 This Anniversary Edition is a beautifully envisioned reboot, upgrading the art, materials and rules set - and is fully compatible with all 5 existing expansion games.

 Game Enhancements include: streamlined rules & keywords, a new Epic Finish mechanic, variable game lengths (30, 60 and 90 minutes), enhanced Encounter stats, the addition of all new Relic cards to the base game, 2 new Encounters, and materials improvements including dual layer player boards and upgraded art and graphics.

 The real joy of the game is the delicate balance between helping the party (and staying alive) vs working towards your own selfish goals (and risking the welfare of everyone). There are no dice. Each Turn, you will choose how much damage you are willing to do to the monster- or won't do -
as you jockey for position to land the killing blow. And when characters can make that kind of decision, things get very funny & very deadly - very quickly.

 With 27 encounters, all requiring a different group strategy and separate individual strategy, game play is always challenging. Only 9 random encounters are used in any game, so the experience is always different. With fresh new mechanics built into each expansion and a creature pool now over 100 strong - there is always a new adventure ahead. And they become deadlier as we go.

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CUTTHROAT CAVERNS ™ Anniversary Edition: Base Game

$74.99 USD
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