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Conquest - Dweghom Mnemancer Apprentice

$28.99 USD

Product description


Such is the prestige and Aghm of the position of Hold Raegh, that even the eldest of Mnemancers begrudgingly concede that his deeds must be recorded. Sending even the most junior of their members to witness and record the Raegh’s actions in combat is a tremendous boon to an ambitious warlord. Warriors under his command will fight like men possessed, refusing to take a single backward step while under the merciless gaze of history personified.

Box Contents

● 1 Resin Command Upgrade Miniature
● 1 Infantry Plastic Base

Product Information

● Assembly: Required.
● Box size: 3.7x7.4x10.4cm; 114grs
● Material: Resin
● Scale: 38mm
In Game Role

● Battlefield Role: Command Upgrade
● Type: Infantry

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Conquest - Dweghom Mnemancer Apprentice

$28.99 USD
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