A little about us...

You'd almost have to put some extra points into Perception, to notice TC War Room, which is cleverly disguised as a paintball store. TC War Room has been a pillar in the Northern Michigan tabletop gaming community for over a decade, but in 2020 had switched hands to a new owner.

Coming into this adventure with a lifelong passion for the Warhammer Universes and all the other nerdy tabletop obsessions, John Gardiner also brings over a decade's worth of retail and customer service experience

 Find out more about the passing of the torch here.

Along with Gardiner on his journey, are his fellowship comprised of his brother Mike and long time friends who also share a similar passion in table top and role playing games.




Do Commander Points expire?

No. Once you have earned Reward Points and they are applied to your
Commander account, they will accumulate until you have cashed them out.

Can I redeem my Commander Points for cash?

No, your Commander Points are only redeemable during checkout for a dollar amount off your total purchase.

How do I earn Commander’s Club Reward Points?

Earn reward points at TC Paintball/TC War Room. To receive rewards, you
must be a registered user on our website. By creating an account with
us, you will automatically be enrolled, in the program and also receive
$5(100 pts). When logged in, you will automatically earn points with
your purchases. Your points can be redeemed in our store or on the
website while logged into your account.