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Beyond the Rift - A Perdition’s Mouth Card Game

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Beyond the Rift: A Perdition’s Mouth Card Game is a cooperative card game for 1-4 players that tells the story of what happened to the heroes after the events in Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift.

Explore the land of Zanziar through a series of short campaigns consisting of 3-5, 30 min scenarios.

Be called upon by an old army friend of Bastian to deal with Orcs harassing a village in the east, Travel into the mountains of the Dwarven Collective to aid or hinder in the exploitation of the mountains riches, Join Niffil as he discovers the true nature of the cult and finally witness the corruption that lays at the heart of the Elven realms.

Beyond the Rift is scenario driven with each scenario being part of a 3-5 scenario campaign that tells the story of one of the heroes.

Each hero has two basic resources at their disposal, Action Points and their hero deck.

Drawing from their hero deck players will find a variety of action cards that will determine what actions heroes are able to perform. Playing a card will cost action points which can also be used to draw more cards, manipulate the position of enemies and activate special abilities. Managing one's resources of cards and action points, while dealing with the many threats presented will be key to survival in Beyond the Rift.

Throughout the campaign players will find items that when equipped will alter the construction of their hero deck. Most cards in each hero deck will be assigned to a specific body part. Whenever a hero equips an item to that specific body part, the 3-4 associated cards are removed from their deck and replaced with 3-4 cards associated with that item.

Game Contents:
• 378 cards
• 5 dual layer sheets
• punch sheet
• 70 small cards
• 8 wooden cubes
• rulebook
• 60 sheet scenario book
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Beyond the Rift - A Perdition’s Mouth Card Game

$55.00 USD
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