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Galaxy of Horrors (Paperback)

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This anthology contains:

Defenders of the Imperium
The Trial of Lucille von Shard, by Denny Flowers
Transplants, by Rob Young
Hell Fist, by Justin Woolley
Blood Sands, by Victoria Hayward
The Sum of Its Parts, by Rhuairidh James
Less Than Human, by Steve Lyons

Followers of Chaos
Fool's Ruin, by Mike Brooks
A More Perfect Union, by Rich McCormick
Sacred Hate, by David Annandale
The Brightest and Best, by Mike Brooks
It Bleeds, by David Guymer
A Small Cog, by Mitchel Scanlon

The Bloody Rose
Blasphemy of the Fallen, by Danie Ware
The Skull Forge, by Danie Ware
The Nature of Prayer, by Danie Ware

Warriors of the Adeptus Astartes
Aria Arcana, by Peter Fehervari
Confession of Pain, by Jon Flindall
The Reward of Loyalty, by Tom Chivers

The Enemy Beyond
The Bleeding Stars, by Robert Rath
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Galaxy of Horrors (Paperback)

$17.99 USD
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