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To bean or not to bean, that is the question . . . and to win this classic card game you'll need to answer it on every turn! The object is to earn the most gold coins by planting your bean cards—you'll earn more when you plant more of one type of bean in a field. The catch is that you must plant your beans in the order you get them, and the key is to trade wisely with the other players. From green beans to coffee beans to chili beans, this edition includes the original game plus the expansion pack so that 3-7 bean farmers can play at once.

★ A top-rated classic game about... bean farming!
★ Trading on every turn creates bushels of interaction
★ Bonus: Includes 50-card expansion pack

• 104 Bean Cards
• 50 Expansion Bean Cards (Cocoa, Wax, Coffee)
• 7 Bean Mats
• Illustrated Instructions

Ages 12+, 3-7 players, 45 minutes
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$19.99 USD
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