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Deal with the Devil

$69.99 USD

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Short Description

Deal with the Devil is a deeply thematic euro style game for 4 players set in a fantasy medieval era.

Players are competing to construct grand buildings in a medieval city. To be a successful ruler, you need resources. To get resources, you need to make smart deals, offering the other players things they really need. One of the players is secretly the devil and really needs a piece of your soul.

All identities and trades are kept secret, thanks to the simple app, and nobody really knows who is who.

Detailed Overview

A spectacular medieval city awaits your construction, but will carefully managed loans be enough to outpace your rivals? Wouldn't you rather have unspeakable wealth to build important buildings and boost the city right away? What's the price for such extravagance, you might ask? Oh nothing more than a piece of your very soul...

Take care, however. Others may notice you are missing this precious piece of self. Moreover, some seek to punish such shamelessness! Risk or reward, the choice is yours.

Deal with the Devil is a deeply thematical euro game set in a fantasy medieval era. Each of the four players takes on a secret role of a mortal, a cultist, or even the devil. Due to the asymmetrical roles, players experience the same game but with different game goals every play.

During the blind trading phase, players can offer their resources in exchange for money from another player. The Devil will tempt mortals with goods for a piece of their soul, while the cultist's nature is to sell his soul easily. Only the accompanying app knows who is trading with whom.

But beware! Showing off how well you are doing can attract unwelcome attention and the suspicion of other players. It also may pique the interest of the Inquisition, which is eager to punish those who cannot prove their souls remain intact.

There are many dynamic strategies to experiment with across each playthrough. Will you sell pieces of your soul early-on to boost your city-building prowess at the risk of future punishment from the Inquisition? Or will you carefully manage loan and debt repayment while waiting for others to inadvertently reveal their nefarious nature? Every choice has a consequence, and each role has its own unique strategic approach to explore.

Bullet Points

  • Build your Medieval City in a Distinct Fantasy Realm.
  • Deeply thematic Euro City Building / Tableau Building.
  • Four players only.
  • Hidden and asymmetrical roles of mortals, cultists, or devil.
  • Sell a piece of your soul for wealth, but watch out for the inquisition!
  • Secret Trading & Blind Bidding.
  • Only the companion app knows who is really who and doesn't reveal it to anyone.
  • Deduct who might be a devil, who serves him, and who already sold a piece of their soul.
  • Every choice has a consequence - Balance your reputation with your actions.
  • From author Matúš Kotry – designer of the “Alchemists” game.


  • 4 double-decker player screens
  • 1 production board
  • 1 double-layer scoreboard
  • 95 cardboard resource tokens
  • 54 cardboard coin tokens
  • 8 achievement tiles in each color
  • 20 angel and devil wings tokens
  • 17 tokens to guess hidden roles
  • 16 action tokens
  • 4 containers for making secret deals
  • 8 soul tokens
  • 8 indulgence tiles
  • 80 building cards
  • 20 event cards
  • 11 inquisitor cards
  • 4 courtier tiles in each color
  • 2 cardboard angry mob figures
  • 4 tokens in each player color
  • 1 rulebook
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Deal with the Devil

$69.99 USD
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