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Dungeon Crawl Classics - Adventures

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A 20-page booklet full of random city encounters. Bring your city adventures to life! This booklet holds over 100 encounters developed to add sights, smells, and sounds to bring adventure and dimension to city visits. With this judge's aide you are equipped to quickly create rich texture when player characters explore strange and new areas of your city you have yet to craft — making your cities vibrant and exciting without much preparation. It also features a system for player characters to gain or lose various forms of city reputation and faction. Let the adventurers feel the consequences and rewards for their choices in the social web of your city.


A 16-page stand alone RPG adventure built for DCC RPG — but usable in any system. This is a introductory level adventure.
The little folk meet each night at a pub secluded from the troubles of big people. Here, after a long day of work, hobbits, dwarves, gnomes, and the occasional wild elf and short humans share simple tales and sip tasty ales. Tonight is nothing new – or is it? Sinister forces have been awakened and emerge during happy hour (hic) at the Pint-n'-Pony. Now, in defense of their precious last keg, new adventurers will be born out of the horror of a very strange night! A tale (hic) only DCC RPG can weave.


This 32-page, stand-alone double adventure is created for the DCC RPG system in a PDF, or in a softcover PRINT format. It can be easily adapted to any fantasy RPG system. The adventure is primarily for 3rd-level characters. What fool would dare cheat the gods? Such a thought alone is one worthy of a foul reckoning. But the rewards are too tempting for the Great Moxicotl, who has reached for the heavens and grasped lore tempered with madness! Now justice is in the hands of your group of devotees. Careful, lest the same temptations lure you into the realm of shadows or hidden secrets of the gods cause your fate to cross paths with the ancient Wurm!

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Dungeon Crawl Classics - Adventures

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